The contents can’t compete with the title for headline-grabbing boldness
The highest wind speed ever recorded in the British Isles is 285km per hour, clocked at Saxa Vord, on the Shetlands, by a piece of kit that was blown clean off the weather station’s roof moments later
There are many reasons why one might envy early travellers and Nick Fielding reveals a substantial one in his account of the travels through Kazakhstan of Thomas Atkinson and his wife Lucy – it cost nothing
Alastair Humphreys’ previous book, Microadventures, was a way to help people realise their ambitions to squeeze more adventure into their lives. His follow-up is an exercise in finding out exactly how large those ambitions can grow
If you create a business you want it to expand, preferably forever and a day. This may seem like the most obvious of goals but Douglas Rushkoff regards the underlying logic as ‘quite arbitrary’
Jack Shenker makes no secret of how much he disliked Mubarak’s regime. Economic policies led to the ‘fire sale of Egypt’s assets’ and the ‘deep immiseration of the majority of Egypt’s citizens.’
The road to Everest begins in childhood. Scott’s memoir opens with a detailed account of his early years; a post-war infancy in Nottingham which took in victory at a bonny baby competition, a brief career in the Cubs, tricycles, Sherbert…
Reading Park’s story of documenting a family of wild Siberian tigers is to be drawn deep into the hinterland of southeast Russia


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