‘India’s history,’ writes Sunil Khilnani, ‘is a curiously unpopulated place… As usually told, it has dynasties, epochs, religions and castes – but not many individuals.’ Khilnani’s witty and wide-ranging book goes a long way towards correcting this bias
Lost deep in the Amazonian jungle, cut off from civilisation, and unable to communicate with the indigenous community he accidentally falls in with – Loren McIntyre’s true tale of first encounter is the stuff of legends
Chris Townsend may just be the envy of everyone who reads this magazine. He has spent his life walking cross-country, climbing mountains and writing home about it. Bringing together 40 years of experience, Out There offers a thoughtful, challenging and…
The last few years have seen a proliferation of quirky guidebooks. Wild swimming, off-beat campsites and even skimming stones have all had their 15 minutes of fame. The backdrop to such activities is often a curtain of trunks, branches and…
The attempt to settle a trading colony at Darien in the closing years of the 16th century proved, for Scotland, a defining event, writes McKendrick: a misguided national adventure that brutally demonstrated the nation’s shortcomings
The Anthropocene is the buzzword of the epoch – literally. Proposed by geologists in the 1980s, it’s the idea that human activity has influenced the Earth to such extent as to cause a new geological era
I once bumped into Joe Cornish high up on the North York Moors. My trusty old Olympus was slung over a shoulder as I gingerly shook his hand and asked why his poster-sized prints were often sharper and more precise…
The contents can’t compete with the title for headline-grabbing boldness

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