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Is Donald Murray’s book yet another example of a publisher trying to turn the story of a random foodstuff into a quirky bestseller? The answer is no. This is a splendid book, filled with passion, wit, and wonderful facts
After travelling the world and crossing every continent, where does the world’s most high profile travel writer head next to find a taste of the remarkable? His own country, it turns out
A friend once pointed out that there’s an inverse correlation between how impoverished a nation’s people are, and the magnificence of its London embassy
The relationship between Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace has produced, as the editors of this volume put it, a ‘small conspiracy industry.’ Half-baked theories have accused ‘Darwin of deceit and even plagiarism’
In 1769, a woman in grand clothes set off on the Rio Pastaza, an Ecuadorian tributary of the Amazon river, following the current across the continent, because she heard a rumour that her husband was waiting on the other side
We meet Boga in a lonely corner of rural Argentina, the Paraná Delta, where he cuts reeds in the company of a taciturn old man. Life is dull but peaceful, and there is ample catfish for the dinner table
Siena is a sensationally beautiful city with an illustrious history, a true rival to Florence in the Middle Ages. It is a city of excitement, home to the Palio, a bareback horse race around the city’s conch-shaped Piazza del Campo
Living in stable Western democracies, it's sometimes possible to see how Francis Fukuyama concluded we had reached the 'end of history'

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