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Increased rainfall intensity, predicted to occur as the climate changes, could benefit groundwater levels in nine African countries
Now in its fourth year, this annual lecture series highlights Oman’s flourishing natural habitat. This year, the focus is on the work of the Oman Botanic Garden
With Jakarta suffering from severe subsidence, pollution and congestion, Indonesia is making plans to move its capital
A revolution in digital mapmaking is underway and the implications for industry, the environment and all of humanity are huge
India has pledged $120billion to make its cities ‘smart’. But can such technology help the country solve its most pressing urban issues?
Buildings made from wood are becoming increasingly common in cities around the world, as designers and architects extol the carbon capturing nature of this underused material
The lead author of a scientific study, which claimed that planting trees has mind-blowing potential to tackle the climate crisis, reflects on the mixed response to the report
A team of researchers in Australia are urging urban planners to embrace temporary green spaces
An artificial intelligence tool can predict where conflicts related to water scarcity are most likely to arise
Hundreds of historic landfill sites are at risk from erosion and flooding with old, contaminated waste already showing up on English beaches
London has officially become the first of a new kind of ‘national park’ which places the natural world and sustainability at the heart of the city
A new model of the monsoon system, which dispenses with the Himalaya Mountains, has demonstrated how the ocean impacts the strength and timing of the annual rains
In the second of his features on the world’s geopolitical curiosities, Vitali Vitaliev looks at the generally unrecognised self-proclaimed entities, known as ‘micronations’
The discovery a long ‘tongue’ of ice beneath a glacial lake in Patagonia could have implications for freshwater glacial stability
Benjamin Hennig explains two cartograms which demonstrate the global water security threat
Get on your bike with this collection of stories to celebrate World Bicycle Day
The Brown Bank a haven for marine life in the waters between the UK and the Netherlands is under threat and requires immediate protection, according to marine protection groups
The first payment under the Redd+ scheme to conserve tropical forests has been approved, but issues with the data supplied by participating countries could undermine its potential

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