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Information is Beautiful Awards shortlist announced

The Point of No Return The Point of No Return
24 Oct
These 13 poignant infographics are in the running for the 2017 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards

From a live clock on poverty reduction to an interactive video on the possible outcomes of nuclear war, these data visualisations are competing for the ‘Humanitarian and Global’ category of this year’s Information is Beautiful Awards.

The awards consist of eight categories, which try to cover all major themes of data such as current affairs, maps, technology and entertainment. Each entry is judged by a panel of 30 experts as well as being put to a public vote, which is now open.

The awards first ran in 2011, as a collaboration between the Kantar data consultancy group and David McCandless, a data journalist and author of the Information is Beautiful book series. This year, McCandless feels data visualisations have become more crucial than ever. ‘The terrific data visualisations in the 2017 shortlist leap over the “fake news” to help us see and understand the massive changes of the past year,’ he says. ‘Data takes us to the truth and facts behind everything from asteroids to climate, migration to Trump. And visualisation can give us fresh insight into complex cultural issues like trolling, the gender gap and even how words are used – which we’ve captured by adding a new category: People, Language & Identity.’

Scroll below to see the Humanitarian and Global entries, or go to to the Awards website to browse the other categories.

The Shadow Peace – The Nuclear Threat
by Andy Dollerson

Click here to view the full documentary


World Poverty Clock
by World Data Lab



The Point of No Return – How the World is Adapting to Climate Change
by Valeria Aufiero, Andrea Benedetti, Alessia Bissolotti, Simone Costagliola and Beatrice Gobbo



Cats Without a Home
by Russel Spangler



Global Gender Gap Report Browser
by World Economic Forum and Two-N



Making the Connection: Africa Online
by Audree Lapierre, Wim Bruyninckx, Chloe-Eve Levasseur and Cathryn Griffiths



Those Who Did Not Cross
by Levi Westerveld



How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything
by Bloomberg Graphics, Eric Roston and Blacki Migliozzi



21st Century Exodus
by Valerio Pellegrini



World Happiness
by Esri Story Maps (John Nelson)



Viz for Social Good
by Chloe Tseng



Data Africa
by DataWheel (with the International Food Policy Research Institute and USAID)



The Stories Behind a Line
by Federica Fragapane and Alex Piacenti


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