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Tom Hart

Europe expands polar operations

Europe expands scientific and operational capabilities in polar regions with €2million programme
Supercomputers are providing an insight into 227 East Asian earthquakes since 2007

US loses honey bee colonies

Winter beehive losses are down over the previous year, but April 2014 to April 2015 saw an increase in summer losses too. It’s a change over previous patterns, and the cause is still a mystery
When it comes to social media, climate change sceptics are the least connected
There are 225 gangs operating in London. But organised crime isn’t as organised as people think

Report from Dark Mountain

The Dark Mountain project aims to change how people think about the environment. Completely...
As California’s record drought continues, snowpack in the Sierra Nevada shrinks

Megacities use megaresources

Megacities across the world are resource hungry, but not all consume at the same rate
Support the people of Nepal with a donation to the DEC

Nepal: a timeline of tragedy

A timeline of Nepal’s history with earthquakes

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