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Tom Hart

Icebot 3D maps Antarctic sea ice

Antarctica’s sea ice is now mapped in 3D after scientists from the UK, US and Australia used an underwater robot to explore areas that were previously too difficult to access

December 2014

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As a Survival International report warns that plans for nature reserves often cause suffering for indigenous peoples, we look at how this has been occuring for longer than anyone would like to admit
The European Union is spending £40million on mapping cocaine smuggling across the globe
UK youth unemployment has fallen again, but October’s figures still remain above pre-recession levels, according to the latest labour market figures
Three months after a spill released copper sulphate into the Sonora River, northwest Mexico, health authorities continue to monitor and treat locals on the river course
A new report shows the geography behind fast food, diabetes and ethnicity in the UK
US free trade bloc, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, trumps a rival Chinese initiative – for now

Frackers move in on London

London could be the new Dallas, if an energy company’s plans to frack in the capital go ahead

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