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Tom Hart

As eleven African countries prepare to go to the polls this year, a new election map will follow the action
When an explorer discovers an uncharted land, there’s an expectation that wherever the explorer ventures next, the last discovery will stay where it was found. This isn’t always the case

Tsunamis, science and culture

On average two tsunamis happen somewhere in the world each year, Geographical looks at the culture and science behind the ‘harbour wave’
After remaining stable for several years, visits to England’s green spaces have increased to their highest level in five years

Unknown Baghdad

Geographical selects neglected episodes from a distinguished city
A new model suggests that fossil fuel reserves must remain unexploited to contain climate change
  In Upstate New York a heritage centre is preserving a region’s natural, cultural and agricultural history
A new survey at the island’s volcanic quarry sheds further light on ancient statues
Student numbers for geography have been rising for the last five years with 225,000 sitting a GCSE in the subject and 55,600 taking an A-level in 2014
As logging and climate change alter the Arctic, the indigenous Sámi peoples are open to a new world

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