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Tom Hart

February 2015

Identify this country using the following clues

California’s almond crisis

The current drought hitting the west coast of America is giving the nation’s almond growers a particular headache

Ocean acids altering organisms

Marine organisms that cost the maritime industry $22billion a year are set to change if ocean acidification continues

‘Unlucky’ island

Boldt Castle is a curious monument to a tycoon’s misfortune
Last year’s global temperature figures tied with 2010 as the warmest year on record since 1850, according to the Met Office, providing further proof to drown out climate change deniers

Tips for bicycle expeditions

Recumbant, tandem or just a regular bicycle, Geographical rounds up advice for bicycle expeditions 
China’s fish farms provide three-quarters of the country’s fish, but the industry’s reliance on fishmeal from wild-caught fish is unsustainable

Unseen London

A look at the capital’s hidden buildings

Tips for a desert climate

Whether it’s the ‘Empty Quarter’ or the Gobi, Geographical rounds up tips for desert expeditions 

Island of the Aztecs

A man-made island in western Mexico lays claim to a legendary history

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