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Explore 2016: Past Attendees – Roger Chapman MBE

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Explore 2016: Past Attendees – Roger Chapman MBE
18 Nov
While some aspiring expedition leaders and field scientists attend Explore once, many more return year after year, making the journey from delegate to panellist to speaker as their fieldwork and expedition experience grows. Here’s how the annual expedition and field research planning weekend has impacted the lives of previous alumni…

Explore 2016

Roger Chapman MBE – Current Occupation: Retired army officer, military historian, and expedition organiser

Roger Chapman spoke at the first Planning a small expedition seminar in 1976 on river journeys, after being a key member of John Blashford-Snell’s ground-breaking descents of the Blue Nile and Zaire Rivers. He went on to be Director of Plans for Operation Drake (1977-1981) and Operation Raleigh (1983-90) now called Raleigh International that inspires communities and young people around the world to create lasting change through international expeditions.

What is the biggest impact that Explore had (or continues to have) on you?
Even as a speaker at that first Explore, Roger credits subsequent RGS weekends as having given him ‘invaluable assistance and advice when planning a BSES expedition to SE Greenland; an SES expedition to The Mosquito Coast in Honduras and to Mount Roraima in Guyana. This is coupled with information given by the Explore family about the 70 countries visited by Operation Drake and Operation Raleigh between 1978-90. And also with contacts when planning an battlefield archaeology expedition to the northwest frontier of Pakistan.

If you were/are planning an expedition or field research project today, what emerging topics , or objective would you focus your attention on?
• Gain diplomatic permission to visit and organise an expedition in a remote part of a foreign country a good 18 months in advance
• Try all methods of Fund Raising for the expedition
• Take particular care in choosing your team – choose compatible, reliable and amusing companions

Explore 2016 runs from 18 to 20 November. The evening of TED-style talks at the Peter Smith Memorial Lecture on Friday 18 November are free for Explore delegates and £5 on the door for members of the public. For more details, visit rgs.org/explore.

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