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Silversea Expeditions – taking you to some of the most remote regions of the planet and showing them to you intimately

SS Expedition LogoA Silversea Expedition is unlike any other form of travel – thrilling, awe-inspiring and humbling all at the same time. It takes you to some of the most remote regions of the planet and shows them to you intimately.


It is for the curious traveller who longs to see an orang-utan in the wild or what lies behind the next mountain ridge. But it’s not just about wildlife or mountains. It’s about immersing yourself in the culture, landscape and habitat of a region with the help of experts who can illuminate all you see.

From the lush rainforests of the equatorial Pacific to the polar extremes at the very edge of the world, our expedition ships sail to all seven continents.


Experience the most beautiful moments of an expedition in the Silversea Expeditions Video Library. Here you can embark on a virtual journey that provides insight into the kind of experiences you’ll encounter both ashore and aboard an expedition with Silversea.



Silversea’s purpose-built expedition ships can transport you to the furthermost boundaries of the planet. Equally gratifying is the experience on board our prestigious ships.


Silver Cloud






Silversea’s purpose built expedition ships offer enormous opportunities for you to explore the seven continents and over 800 fascinating destinations on an all-inclusive cruise.

Galapagos Islands

Snorkel with turtles, marvel at manta rays and witness the behaviour of wild flamingos and Flightless Cormorants in their natural habitat on an extraordinary voyage of a lifetime. Silver Galapagos voyages include flights between Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, transfers, pre-cruise hotel stay and more.

The most unspoilt and remote place left on Earth, this is the ultimate journey of a lifetime. Explore rolling moorland and marvel at overwhelming icebergs in this definitive land of extremes.

Arctic and Greenland
Home to mythic long summer nights and housing some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife, the Arctic is Mother Nature’s playground. Spy polar bears floating on pack ice, spot minke, beluga and narwhals from the comfort of your veranda and look for caribou and reindeer as you trek across tundra.

Africa and Indian Ocean
From the Cape of Good Hope to the stunning shores of the Maldives, these regions deliver more than just souks and safaris. Travel beyond the picture postcard beaches and discover the authentic lands that time forgot.

All-inclusive Alaska cruises introduce you to landscapes on a whole new scale. Breath-taking sights and stunning scenery.

Witness the majesty of the Pagoda Temple rising from the silence, the exquisite cherry blossom of Takamatsu illuminating the city’s shrines and streets, and the happy cacophony of the spice markets of Colombo. Travelling here will change you forever.

Australia and New Zealand
Accessible only by sea, this terracotta terrain is home to thundering waterfalls of powerful beauty. Shaped by the elements, this is rugged magnificence at its finest. Sun-scorched gorges blend with rocky landscape in a desolate, remote, far-away land. Infused with 40,000 years of Aboriginal history, The Kimberley is both unforgiving and unforgettable.

Russian Far East
The world’s largest bear roams the Kamchatka Peninsula, while the nutrient-rich waters of the Bering Sea support every form of Arctic life. The Russian Far East is a fantasyland for the intrepid explorer, where every landing here holds promise of something amazing.

PLUS South America, South Pacific Islands, Canada & New England, Caribbean & Central America



To make a reservation or to speak to an expert who can make your dream expedition become a reality simply call

0844 251 0838


CLICK HERE for more information at www.silversea.com


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