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Meet Lizzie Daly: biologist, broadcaster and Leica Optics ambassador

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Meet Lizzie Daly: biologist, broadcaster and Leica Optics ambassador
19 Jan
Lizzie Daly is an ambassador for Leica Optics. Here, she talks about her upcoming project and the importance of a superb set of binoculars

There’s no typical day for Lizzie Daly. As a biologist, broadcaster and conservationist she could be bird watching in her native Wales, studying elephant movements for her PhD, or joining citizen science marine mammal surveys in Antarctica. One thing that remains consistent however is what she takes with her. ‘Binoculars and optics are a really important thing for me. I do not leave the house without a pair of binoculars pretty much every time I go anywhere,’ she says. 

Lizzie joined up with Leica in the summer of 2020 and is now a brand ambassador. She has been putting the company’s optics equipment to good use. ‘Over my first few months of use, the ULTRAVID 8x42 HD-Plus binoculars have delivered time and time again. From spotting breaching thresher sharks off the coast of Pembrokeshire to enduring harsh British weather and sideways rain while spotting grey seal pups in remote coves. They have been a real game changer for me.’

shutterstock 1689919297A bearded vulture, Gypaetus barbatus, flies over a mountain with food in its claw

As part of the partnership Leica has agreed to help fund Lizzie’s latest project – a film about bearded vulture conservation, following in the wake of the arrival of a bearded vulture in the Peak District in August 2020. Lizzie was straight on the scene when news of the new arrival broke. ‘I never thought that my first experience with the ULTRAVID 8x42 HD-Plus binoculars would be watching a soaring bearded vulture in the Peak District! They are not only pin sharp but made my experience with this charismatic bird unforgettable.’

shutterstock 1117348835A supreme set of binoculars is vital for proper bird spotting

Once considered a fearsome predator of live lambs and more commonly know as the lammergeier (lamb hunter) perceptions of the bearded vulture are now changing (the bird is a scavenger rather than a hunter). Lizzie’s film, due to be released in 2023 will follow the work being done by the Vulture Conservation Foundation in Spain where chicks are reared from the egg and eventually released. ‘I think it’s really important to go into these partnerships with an outcome or a project,’ says Lizzie, about her work with Leica. ‘If you’re going to have a partnership with any brand or any company, you really want to know that they are invested and that they genuinely feel the same as you when it comes to things that are important to you -– in my case conservation stories. 

‘It is exciting to be working with Lizzie, a young and passionate opinion leader who will help us inspire the next generation of nature lovers,’ says Jason Heward, Managing Director for Leica UK.

Ultravid 8x42 HD Plus

Born in Germany, Leica products are the creation of over 100 years of knowledge in developing and manufacturing optical systems. In an era of increasingly threatened wilderness, Leica serve those who treasure it by promising, and delivering, the ability to see wildlife as you’ve never seen it before.


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