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For graduates of St Andrews' top-rated degrees in Geography and Sustainable Development, the global opportunities are endless

EastSandsandStASt Andrews is unquestionably a special place. The student experience is second to none - a stunning setting, ancient traditions, exciting programmes and vibrant student life. It’s a launching pad for life.

The Department of Geography and Sustainable Development attracts students from around the world, drawn here by the university's long-standing reputation for excellent teaching in a world-class intellectual environment. Stimulating breadth, rewarding depth and great field trips are the hallmarks of our programmes, leading to high levels of student satisfaction. Wide choice and flexibility allow you to explore your own evolving interests, while the Department's  excellent skills training maximises your employment prospects as you'd expect at a place ranked top in the UK in The Guardian's 2016 league table.

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Our Geography and Sustainable Development degrees can be taken in either the Science or Arts Faculties (as either BSc or MA degrees), so they cater for all interests and backgrounds, whether in the natural sciences, the social sciences or combinations of the two. This flexibility allows you to combine your chosen subject with a fascinating range of other subjects in the first two years, broadening your skill set. Because the university came top in Scotland in the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework, you can expect to be taught by staff at the cutting edge, and to get first-hand experience of the challenges and rewards of research.  We have recently appointed several world-class academics  –  each of them leaders in their field  –  whose contributions will further enhance the quality and diversity of our degree courses. But it's a friendly Department, and through our small-group teaching and field trips, you'll get to know your lecturers as people, not just as experts.

Find out more about how St Andrews could stretch your horizons. Visit HERE to book onto one of the Visiting Days and investigate our programmes.

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Undergraduate programmes

• BSc (Hons) Geography
• MA (Hons) Geography
• BSc (Hons) Sustainable Development
• MA (Hons) Sustainable Development
plus many joint degrees - see the university prospectus for details:

StAndrewsGroupPostgraduate taught programmes

• MSc Sustainable Development
• Double Masters in Sustainable Energy (2 years, with MGIMO, Russia)
• MRes in Human Geography

For more information:

email: [email protected]
phone: 01334 462894


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as you'd expect at a place ranked top in the UK in the Guardian's 2016 league table.

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