Jubilee Sailing Trust

Jubilee Sailing Trust
14 Apr
Life-changing adventures with the Jubilee Sailing Trust

GeoTravelPartnerThe Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is a globally unique, UN-accredited charity which utilises the adventure of tall ship sailing to unlock human potential and break down barriers between people of different circumstances – especially between people living with disability and the able-bodied.

For nearly 40 years, the Trust has been offering life-changing voyages aboard its two globally-unique tall ships, Lord Nelson and Tenacious, both purpose designed and built to be sailed by a mixed crew.

A voyage with the JST is about joining in and getting involved in all aspects of sailing the ship, regardless of your physical ability. Whether you are an avid tall ship enthusiast, fair-weather sailor or complete beginner, able-bodied or living with a disability – the JST welcomes everyone. Lord Nelson and Tenacious both incorporate unique features including wheelchair lifts, a speaking compass for the vision impaired and a joystick to enable those with limited mobility to helm the ship, meaning everyone on board can play an active role in sailing a tall ship.

Jubilee Sailing Trust

In December 2015, the Jubilee Sailing Trust Australia was incorporated to deliver the work of JST on a global basis. Tenacious, the world’s largest operating timber hulled vessel, voyaged over 18,000 nautical miles from her home port of Southampton to deliver a programme of exciting voyages and day sails around southeast Australia and New Zealand. She will be commencing her passage home to the UK later this year, tracing an epic route home via the Caribbean.

In February 2018, Tenacious will be embarking upon a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure from the Falkland Islands to South Africa, via South Georgia.

To make this journey even more special, world renowned explorer and mountaineer Skip Novak will join the crew to offer his unparalleled expertise and insights into sailing these waters.

Jubilee Sailing Trust

There are still berths available on this amazing voyage, and the JST is delighted to offer an exclusive 10 per cent discount to Geographical readers – simply quote ‘GEO10’ when booking. Skip’s guide to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia and surrounding marine life will make this an adventure not to miss!

More information about this voyage and how to book can be found by clicking here or by calling (+44) 023 8042 6849.

As a global pioneer of social inclusion, the Trust operates a wide ranging voyage programme all over the world. Nearly 45,000 people have been welcomed on board with each adventure creating a diverse and inclusive crew of able bodied people sailing side by side with those of all physical and sensory abilities.

Throughout 2017, a wide range of voyages are setting off around the world on these iconic ships, and opportunities to join the adventures are still available.

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Destinations include:

  • Melbourne to Wellington
  • Auckland to Fiji
  • Fiji to Cairns
  • New Brunswick, Canada to London
  • Southampton to Gibraltar
  • Cape Verde to the Azores

And many more…

Jubilee Sailling Trust
Telephone (+44) 023 8042 6849
Email: [email protected]

Jubilee Sailing Trust

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