Raleigh International

Raleigh International
13 Apr
Want to explore new cultures, meet new people and do something worthwhile at the same time? You can do all three on an expedition with sustainable development charity, Raleigh International

GeoCharityPartnerWhatever stage of life you’re at, a Raleigh Expedition could be just what you’re looking for. Volunteer on community and environment projects, or take part in an adventure challenge in Malaysian Borneo, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, Nepal or Tanzania. Wherever you go and whatever project you do, you’ll create positive change in a remote community that needs it most.

Raleigh International

We work with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Most of our volunteers are aged 17-24, however we also need volunteer managers aged 25-75 to help run and support our expeditions.

Volunteer managers are essential in the safe and effective running of our programmes, we have roles on both the project sites and in the fieldbase; the operational hub of the expedition. Choose between being a Project Manager, Spanish Interpreter, Mountain Leader, Medic, Photographer, Communications Officer, Administrator or Logistics Coordinator. Most of these roles do not require previous experience!

Raleigh International

You could spend 8 or 13 weeks in the heart of the Malaysian rainforest, the colourful communities of Tanzania, the foothills of The Himalayas or surrounded by the breath-taking scenery that Nicaragua and Costa Rica both have to offer.

During an expedition, depending on which role you choose, you could be supporting water, sanitation and hygiene projects and increasing a rural communities’ access to safe drinking water. Or you could be protecting some of the most bio-diverse environments in the world. You might also get the chance to take part in an adventure challenge; an adrenaline fuelled trek designed to develop the leadership and teamworking skills of the young volunteers.

Raleigh International

Not only will you help our young volunteers to personally develop, you’ll also learn new skills and build on your existing ones. You’ll increase your cultural awareness, learn how to work with a team in a challenging environment, and adapt to new situations. A Raleigh Expedition is also an incredible way to meet lots of new people who’ll become lifelong friends and have a fun experience overseas.

Raleigh International

You can join an expedition this summer! We have both 8 and 13 week programmes beginning in June and July.

  • Malaysian Borneo: 16 Jun – 12 Sept (13 wks) / 16 Jun – 8 Aug (8 wks)

  • Nicaragua & Costa Rica: 20 June – 14 Sept (13 wks) / 5 Jul – 29 Aug (8 wks)

  • Nepal: 13 Jun – 8 Sept (13 wks) / 13 Jun – 2 Aug (8 wks)

  • Tanzania: 11 Jun – 4 Sept (13 wks) / 13 Jun – 2 Aug (8 wks)

Raleigh International

Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity, so all the projects ensure volunteers work alongside community members and local project partners where Raleigh’s help is really needed. All our projects aim to build and develop the resilience of the communities they work in, to make them valuable and sustainable.

‘Working as a Spanish Interpreter and Project Manager for Raleigh is the best opportunity I've ever had. It is an exhilarating experience. Unexpected things fly at you from all angles, every single day. The satisfaction of seeing the finished project was immense. I had indescribable joy meeting all these lovely people, volunteer managers, younger volunteers, and most of all the community. It's going to live with me for a very, very long time.’
– Steven, volunteer manager in Nicaragua & Costa Rica

There’s no other opportunity like a Raleigh Expedition. Join as a volunteer manager to develop your skills whilst contributing to positive sustainable change, in rural areas that need it most.

Find out more about joining a Raleigh Expedition
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0) 207 183 1295

Raleigh International

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