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CARE Nepal Trek 2017: 6-17 October 2017

CARE Nepal Trek 2017: 6-17 October 2017
06 Dec
Looking for that trip of a lifetime? Has Nepal long been on your travel list? Join humanitarian organisation CARE International UK for a charity challenge with a difference, trekking as a group through stunning hillside scenery and supporting communities affected by the 2015 earthquakes along the way


GeoCharityPartnerThe 12-day trip will take you away from the well-trodden Himalayan Annapurnas to the lesser-known Gorkha region and sites of the 2015 earthquakes.

CARE was in Nepal from the moment the first earthquake hit in April 2015, providing immediate assistance in the form of CARE packages, shelter, food, water and sanitation, helping over 130,000 people in the first 12 months.

Care International UK

Before the 2015 earthquake, the Gorkha region of Nepal, famous for its army links with the UK, was a hotspot with trekkers looking to get ‘off the beaten track’. Since the devastation, access issues have arisen from roads being closed and homes where trekkers would have stayed were destroyed. Communities whose main source of income was tourism have now been paralysed. Despite the access now being clear and villages starting to build back homes and accommodation, the small amount of tourism this picturesque area used to see has almost disappeared.

Care International UK

The Nepal Trek represents a way of contributing to the long-term recovery of the communities with whom CARE is working to rebuild homes. We have worked hard to ensure as many elements of the trip contribute to people that are in need of support, including homestays with local families in Gorkha and employing Sherpas who live in the areas affected by the earthquake.

This was an incredibly well-organised trekking event and so special because of being off the beaten track from the usual trekking routes. The most memorable times were those unplanned moments when we were invited by local villagers to join their festivities and events – these things can’t be planned but really add to the experience. A life-changing experience I will never forget. Thank you to CARE for everything – Trisha Ford, 2016 Nepal Trek participant

Care International UK

Throughout the 67km trek you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views and a taste of true Nepalese culture from encounters with local villagers and ample opportunity to sample the local cuisine.

Care International UK

Visits to ancient sites feature in the itinerary, as do rope bridge crossings with spectacular views – there really is no better place for a photo!

Care International UK

You’ll see work that CARE has carried out since the earthquakes struck and learn about our plans to support a further 100,000 members of remote communities in future. Just by taking part in the trek you’ll bring much-needed tourism back to some of the most remote hill areas.

Places are limited, so sign up and secure your place on an unforgettable trek today!

Care International UK

For more information please contact the CARE Events team
T: 020 7091 6000

E: [email protected]


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