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China’s Amur tiger population is recovering, reflecting the country’s changing stance on wildlife
Scientists are pushing back against the notion that the food crisis affecting Madagascar is due to climate change 
Xavi Bou's artistic visions of flight beguile the eye
Hydropower is considered essential if the world is to reach net zero, but do the broader cost to ecosystems and local communities outweigh the benefits? 
An overlap between populations of grizzly bears and Indigenous groups points to a wider phenomenon known as 'biocultural diversity'
Climate change is having a huge impact on the oceans, far beyond the sea level rise we hear most about. But it can also be part of the solution. Katie Burton visits the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton to speak…
The first COP26 draft agreement has been released
Marco Magrini explores the complex issue of carbon markets – will they work? Or will they be exploited?
The youth found marching outside the COP26 conference in Glasgow are not to be fooled by grand statements
Energy day at COP26 was all about coal. Marco Magrini was in Glasgow to find out more
The world is reliant on the climate models that forecast our warming future and guide climate action. But why are climate models so complicated?
The Global South has contributed very little to the world climate crisis but is already exposed to some of its most catastrophic effects. We asked six climate leaders from different backgrounds in civil and political society what problems they see…
Geographical editor, Katie Burton, spends the day at COP26: finance day
Lawyers are using the power of the courts to challenge governments and companies that fail to act on climate change

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