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In pictures: meet the 2020 Whitley Award winners

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In pictures: meet the 2020 Whitley Award winners
14 May
Meet the 2020 Whitley Award winners

Every year, UK charity Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) recognises seven of the world’s leading grassroots conservationists with the Whitley Awards – desgined to support conservationists from the global South,  This year, work to safeguard black lion tamarin monkeys (Brazil), helmeted hornbills (Indonesia), rare amphibians (South Africa), chimpanzees (Nigeria), hirola antelope (Kenya), and alpine musk deer (Bhutan) will benefit. Each winner has each been awarded £40,000 in project funding to allow them to expand their conservation work.


The 2020 Whitley Gold Award winner is: Patrícia Medici – Tapirs as conservation flagships, Brazil

Brazilian conservationist Patrícia Medici received this year’s gold award for her work protecting South America’s largest land mammal, the lowland tapir.

Abdullahi Hussein Ali – A landscape-level approach to conserve the hirola antelope, Kenya

Kenyan conservationist, Abdullahi Hussein Ali, founded the Hirola Conservation Programme and is fighting to prevent the species from becoming the first extinct mammal since the Tasmanian tiger was wiped out in 1936. 

Gabriela Rezende – Connecting populations of black lion tamarins in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

Gabriela is the coordinator for the Black Lion Tamarin Conservation Programme. 

Jeanne Tarrant – A country-wide strategy for South African amphibians

Jeanne Tarrant, known locally as the ‘Frog Lady’, works for the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), where she manages the Threatened Amphibian Programme. EWT is the only NGO in South Africa to include frogs as a conservation focus.

 Phuntsho Thinley – Stepping up patrols to preserve the endangered alpine musk deer, Bhutan

Phuntsho Thinley works for the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN), the first and only wildlife conservation organisation in Bhutan.

Rachel Ashebofe Ikemeh – Advancing participatory conservation action for rare chimpanzees, Nigeria

Director and Founder of the SW/Niger Delta Forest Project, Rachel’s research and conservation work addresses the decline of chimpanzees and their habitat.

YokYok (Yoki) Hadiprakarsa – Saving the last stronghold of the Helmeted Hornbill, Indonesia

Yoki, founder and principal investigator for Rangkong Indonesia (Indonesia Hornbill Conservation Society).

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