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Video highlights from the BluHope campaign this World Oceans Week

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Video highlights from the BluHope campaign this World Oceans Week
11 Jun
A roundup of some of the top discussions from the new BluHope campaign, launched by the British High Commission in Malaysia on World Oceans Day, with the support of Sir David Attenborough and Dr Sylvia Earle

The ‘Blu Hope’ campaign will run until 12 June and will feature a series of presentations, webinars and videos to raise awareness of the importance of the world’s oceans, how plastic pollution is damaging ocean biodiversity and to encourage action in tackling marine pollution. We have selected some of the highlights of the week so far... 

Day 1

The story of a plastic ocean by Jo Ruxton


In Conversation with Ocean Adventurer Paul Rose: Protecting Our World’s Oceans from Plastic Pollution


Day 2

Biodiversity in the Coral Triangle with Aaron Gekowski

Sustainable Tourism



Day 3

Turning waste into a valuable resource, and help prevent ocean pollution



Howard and Michele Hall: Underwater Images for the Giant Screen



Day 4

Next-Gen Leaders With a Global Mindset



Student Edition: Marine Conservation in Asia



For more videos, the full schedule and the kids’ activity sheet visit www.bluhope.orgRead more about the campaign and hear from the British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Charles Hay MVA here

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