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Tips and tricks for lockdown photography

  • Written by  Geographical
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Tips and tricks for lockdown photography
16 Apr
With so much to see on our doorsteps, this is no time to put down the camera 

Over the years, Geographical’s resident photographer, Keith Wilson, has shared a vast array of photography advice in his monthly column. While some have focused on adventure – be it photographing polar bears, volcanoes, dangerous borders or street scenes – many are just as relevant to a life in lockdown as to one full of travel. With so much to see in our gardens and parks, this is no time to put down the camera – in fact it might just be time to take a closer look at the world on our doorsteps.

We’ve collated some of Keith’s most relevant columns for those looking to get in some practise...

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Ready for a close-up: macro photography

Whatever your subject, looking through a macro lens provides an entirely different way of seeing the world, says Keith Wilson.

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The lessons to be learnt from just one photo a day

The move away from film has meant more pictures being taken at more times than ever before – but does that always result in better photography? Is there something to be learnt from setting yourself limits, asks Keith Wilson.

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Photographing the night sky

Few sights are more dramatic than a star-filled sky at night. But to capture it in all its glory, you need to get far, far away, says Keith Wilson.

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The soft touch

So much photographic theory is dedicated to image sharpness that you may think it best to delete any images that are soft or blurred. But this doesn’t mean pictures which are deliberately blurred or out of focus should be eschewed.

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The camera in your pocket

Today, the camera is regarded as an essential smartphone feature. But it was only in the previous decade that the developments we now take for granted were first conceived.

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Trees of Life

As the most common tree species in the UK, the English oak holds both a venerable and symbolic place in the nation’s landscape and heritage.

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The secret garden

Spring is a season that many photographers look forward to the most because the changes in light, climate and landscape make a dramatic relief from the grey monotony that typifies a winter.

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Photographing Mr Fox

They may be seen to most as an urban blight, but if you’re prepared to look past the surface scavenger, red foxes can be the focus for some breathtaking natural photography.

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