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Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017

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Diminutive Dune: Sand Forms at Low Tide Diminutive Dune: Sand Forms at Low Tide Benjamin Graham
17 Nov
Every year, the LPOTY awards celebrate the best in Britain’s scenic photographers. This year’s entries present a breathtaking view of our nation

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LPOTY 2017


Diminutive Dune: Sand Forms at Low Tide • (West Wittering, West Sussex, England)

‘East Head sits at the mouth of Chichester Channel, at the northwestern end of West Wittering beach. A decent tidal movement creates constantly shifting sand patterns and tidal pools on the extensive beach, and an open, uninterrupted western view provides some glorious seascapes and skyscapes at sundown. It is a popular location with photographers. A Tuesday evening in early

October guaranteed a mostly deserted location, free from the usual weekend crowds of ramblers and dogs. Heading northwards in the twilight, along the estuary’s edge at low tide, the subtlety of the sand forms caught my eye. The sun had set behind thin cloud and was ten minutes below the horizon when I shot this image – the soft, pale light with its pastel hues casting the contours into subtle relief. As well as its minimal simplicity, I particularly like the indeterminate scale of the image. The double S-curve could be two metres long or 2,000... It was actually about 20.’

LPOTY 2017


Colours of Autumn • (Cathedral Quarry, Lake District, Cumbria, England)

‘On a very wet day in the Lake District, a friend and I decided to visit Cathedral Quarry. We began by taking pictures in the cave but, after a while, I walked through the back and then climbed up some rocks to the other side. I quickly noticed this tree and the lovely contrast with the slate behind, which was particularly vibrant after the rain. I set up my shot and metered before taking one exposure.’

LPOTY 2017


Sea Abstract • (Hushinish, Isle of Harris, Scotland)

‘I was standing on a slipway at the delightfully named Hushinish. Looking down into the sea, the view of the rocks and seaweed was disturbed by an unusual wind, like a puff of air directed straight down onto the water. It allowed a pleasing abstract to be created.’

LPOTY 2017


The Fishing Boat Returns • (Whitby, North Yorkshire, England)

‘The low winter sun casts its late afternoon warmth over Whitby as a fishing boat returns home with its catch. Whitby is a jewel on the beautiful North Yorkshire coastline. With its historic harbour and proud fishing heritage, nothing beats a walk around this wonderful part of God’s Own County.’

LPOTY 2017


Skatepark under the Northern Lights • (Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland)

‘Taken on the evening of Mother’s Day 2016 in Musselburgh, East Lothian. I thought that having the skatepark in the foreground would be unusual and a change from the mountain scenes that aurora photos usually feature. We didn’t have any mountains nearby anyway! I only just caught it in time as the aurora faded soon afterwards.’

LPOTY 2017


Where the Ocean Meets the Sky • (Porthcawl Lighthouse, South Wales)

‘I kept an eye on the weather forecast and with the storm peaking later in the day I went down a few hours early to set up for high tide. After several hours, the combination of wind, high tide and large swell made for impressive waves over the lighthouse at Porthcawl. It was tricky with the light changing all the time, but I managed to time it right to capture the immense waves crashing over the lighthouse.’

LPOTY 2017


Dawn Patrol • (Loch Garten, Cairngorms, Scotland)

‘Loch Garten is nestled in the Abernethy Forest in the Cairngorms National Park – a fragile remnant of ancient

Caledonian pinewood. Drifting out on the still waters to catch the first amber glow of the day’s sun, the silence is broken only by the roaring of a rutting stag in the forest, arousing the attention of our otherwise slumbering canine companions.’

LPOTY 2017


Brighton Pier from Above at Sunrise • (East Sussex, England)

‘I planned this shot for many weeks – the weather had to be just right, although it was a bit windy on that particular April morning! I think the pier is really interesting from above. It’s a view you wouldn’t normally get to see and there are so many shapes and textures that it’s truly a feast for the eye.’

LPOTY 2017


The 08.52 from Barmouth • (Gwynedd, Wales)

‘While staying in Barmouth, I photographed the bridge from several locations before finding this high viewpoint one evening. The scene needed some early morning light, so I returned the next day and waited for the first train to cross the bridge after sunrise. The unusual perspective helps to highlight the contrast between the straight lines of the bridge and the natural curves formed in the sand.’

LPOTY 2017

Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 11 (AA Publishing £25) is out now. Click here to order via Amazon.

The Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year Exhibition runs at Waterloo Station on the Mezzanine level from 20 November to 4 February. Free Entry.

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