August 2017




Interview: Naomi Klein

When Donald Trump became US President, Naomi Klein saw the logical culmination of everything she had studied becoming personified in a single individual. Chris Fitch talks to the best-selling author



Conflict: Laikipia in the Balance

A fraught mix of politics, drought, ancient livelihoods and modern-day pressures is putting Kenya’s Laikipia County at the forefront of increasingly violent acts of land encroachment. Harriet Constable reports


moon mining

Resources: Moon Shot

Tech companies are racing to land private spacecraft on the Moon and possibly bring back pieces of it. Laura Cole asks if mining it is even legal and what could it mean for those left behind on Earth?



People: Feeding Gaza

Since 2007, the people of the Gaza Strip have been living under a tightly-controlled blockade. But as Marcello diCintio discovers, Gazans resent living in a permanent state of frustrated resilience


el hierro

Places: The Winds of Change

For the 10,000 people that live on El Hierro, an aggressive policy of pursuing self-sustainable energy might just be the key to unlocking a new breed of eco-tourists. Sarah Gilbert reports



Explore: Cycling the Panj Valley

Charles Stevens explores the landscape, history and peoples of the Panj Valley, straddling the Tajik-Afghan border as part of a four-month long expedition from Beijing to Tehran 


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