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Despite having a history of civil war during the Dhora rebellion (1963 to 1976), since the rule of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said (beginning in 1970), modern thinking and development policies have increased the internal and international stability of the country; Oman has been suggested by the World Economic Forum as being the fourth safest country on the planet at present.

Qaboos’ foreign policy agreements, aimed at maintaining friendly regional and international ties, have helped to increase Oman’s stability. Growing peaceful relations with its maritime neighbour, Iran, through economic incentives, as well as maintaining a neutral ground in surrounding Middle Eastern conflicts, are examples of this.

In 1981, Oman became a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council another attempt to establish economic and political stability.

Oman’s 187-mile border with Yemen is seen by some as a potential threat to Oman’s foreign security through the possibility of conflict with Yemeni Sunni extremists. A strong military force on the Oman-Yemeni border has recently been deployed.


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