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The Geographical Quiz – July 2015

  • Written by  Adam Jacot de Boinod
  • Published in Quiz
Test your global knowledge

Food cannot always be taken for granted. Homowo is a word that means ‘hooting at hunger’. Which country recalls a past when the rains failed and there was a terrible famine on the plains? When a good harvest finally came they celebrated by holding a festival which ridiculed hunger.
A) Bangladesh
B) Ghana
C) Ethiopia

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When it comes to sneezing, protocol can get complex. In which language do they say afiyat bashe (‘I wish you good health’) and the sneezer replies elahi shokr (‘Thank God for my health’)? If the sneeze interrupts a decision it is taken as an indication not to go ahead.
A) Arabic
B) Kurdish
C) Farsi/Persian

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In 2002 a certain President renamed the months of the year and the days of the week. In response to his suggestion that April should be known as ‘Mother’, one supporter suggested that it should be named after the president’s mother, Gurbansoltan-eje. Where is this?
A) Tajikistan
B) Turkmenistan
C) Uzbekistan

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